What are the prices?

Prices are based on quantity, format and strain and it is generally best to contact us to get specific and accurate pricing.

Can I prepay or reserve clones?

Yes and No. There are certain strains that we generally can't reserve because of high demand and low supply. However we are going to have a system in place shortly to allow prepayments which will guarantee availability of most of our strains. This way, if you are coming from a great distance you are guaranteed to get exactly what you want and can even see them and sign off on them before agreeing to the terms.

Do you ship or deliver?


Are you available outside of business hours?

Yes! Although there are minimum order requirements for off hour appointments. If you want to get more information please contact us. You can text the store number, private message us on Instagram, private message us through our Facebook page, Email us, email us via the Contact Form on this website, message us via Google Business or Yelp or call us, although we answer the phone more regularly during business hours.

Is this place for real?

Yes. We have a storefront and everything! As you can see on our homepage, we try to make it as obvious as possible that we are not a meet and greet type establishment. All plants can be fully inspected on site and we even provide a 1000X microscope to quell any fears.